Appliance Leasing Currently Available!

Low Monthly Payments, No Repair Expenses, Short 6 Month Commitment.




American Appliance offers appliance leasing to those who prefer to lease rather than own. We offer both residential and commercial appliance leasing. We offer leasing for preowned and refurbished appliances (leasing not available for brand new appliances). This includes, washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges and coin operated laundry equipment. 

How it works: 

$50 Down This one-time down payment secures your appliance, includes delivery of the washer and dryer and installation on your property. All equipment and accessories are included. It will be ready to use.

$75 per month to rent the set: 6 months commitment is required. You choose the day of the month that works best for you. We both sign a written contract. We accept payment over the phone, through money order or via online transfer service (Zelle, etc) once a month.


If you are leasing commercial or coin operated laundry equipment, please call 1 (877) 381-5551 and press 4 for business accounts, or fill out the "Leasing Inquiry" form below.

What happens if a machine needs repair? 

If your appliance needs repair, please call us immediately at 1 (877) 381-5551 and press 1 or 2 for Spanish customers. We will then schedule a repair day and time. The machines will be repaired or replaced within 72 hours, guaranteed! We reimburse you for the days that your machine needed repair. 

Is early termination possible? 

Yes. A $100 early termination fee applies. We agree upon a time to pick up the leased equipment. We both sign an early termination form. That’s it! 

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