Outside Delivery and Inside Delivery

We offer 2 different delivery options for your purchase, outside delivery and inside delivery. Explained below are what you can expect on your upcoming delivery:
Outside delivery is the most economical option in terms of delivery. This means your appliance will be stretch wrapped and protected from the elements such as snow, rain and debris. We will place the appliance(s) anywhere outside of your choosing. The majority of our customers prefer the appliances to be delivered in the rear of their building or property. We do not recommend sidewalk delivery. Below is an example of an outside delivery.
Inside delivery means that we will bring the appliances inside and upstairs if needed.  We will place the appliance(s) inside in the place of your choosing. (Note: For the safety of our delivery team, if the delivery for any reason appears dangerous or unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse to offer this service.) Below is an example of an inside delivery.
Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 3.36.48 PM.png