What's included?

All appliances that are sold in the “Buy Refurbished” section of our website are sold "As-Is." Every appliance is fully inspected and tested prior to delivery. A $10/Month Lifetime Repair and Replacement Plan on Autopay is available for an additional $10.
What's included? Every purchase includes the machine(s), with no extra accessories. If you purchased a stackable unit or special model washing machine, then a preowned drain hose is internally attached and would be included. Power cords are included. If you purchased an electric 240V dryer, a preowned 240V power cord would be included. As a general rule, we do not included preowned hot/cold washing machine water hoses or dryer vent hoses. We do sell them brand-new. These accessories could found on the "Accessories" page of our website or the link below:  

Brand new installation accessories

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